Fastin Reviews

Fastin Reviews

Here are a few Fastin Reviews submitted by some of our trusted costumers. Please feel free to review this product and send it to us.

  • Hope it works as well as before

    I just started taking this again, the first time I took it I went from a size 12 to a size 5/6. I was ecstsatic. Then the formula changed and did nothing but make my heart race and feel sick. When I found the website with the original formula I am excited to see if it works again. After a month I’ll review again. Just started taking it and so far no racing heart or feeling sick, yay!!!!

    Review by Angie

  • works well for me

    I have 30 pounds to lose and I lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks so far. I started with a three day lemon juice fast and one Fastin. Now I have a light breakfast, peppermint tea all day with one Fastin and dinner of boiled chicken and salad or veg. soup. It does not make you jittery but I find that I talk ALOT and have energy. It also doesn’t keep me up at night. It also curbs my appetite that I rarely look for a snack.

    Review by tomarrow

  • Wow!

    Being someone whom has never gotten over the removal of ephedra from weight loss and energy pills I have looked for a suitable substitute for years, I have to say I’ve found it. Ephedra produces the same “mood elevation” this product promises, and although not ephedrine based, it feels the same as I remember. Caution though is the key, first dose had my heart pounding for the first half hour, must assess your tolerance, and don’t take with a red bull like I did, but I’m a machine, what else can I say?

    Review by Dave

  • FASTIN has changed

    Product no longer contains 1.3 dimethylamylamine HCL. Key ingredient was removed about a year ago.

    Review by johnsmtv

  • Great!!!

    I have used this product off and on for a couple of years now. I had went to the doctor previously to bust through a weight loss plateau with Phentermine. After my prescription ran out I discovered this product through Internet research and could very well be the product that brought this fantastic website to my attention. Fastin is the greatest over the counter mental clarity energy booster app

    Review by Haint Howler